Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

6o For we wrefilee change his method in tempting, but not lay down his defigne; fo 1 ong as his old friend is alivewithin, he will be knocking at thy door without. Aro duty can be performed without wreftling ; The Chri#ian needs his fword as much ashis trowel He wreflles with a bodyofflefh ; this to the Chriftian in duty is as the beaft to the traveller ; hecannot go his journey without it, and much ado togo with it. If the flefh be kept high and tufty, then 'tis wantonand will not obey; if low, then it's weak and foon tires : Thus the Chriflian rids but little ground, becaufe he mull go his weakbodies pace. He wreitles with a body of fin as well as of flefb, this mutters and murmures when the foule is taking up any duty. Sometimes it keeps the Chriftian from duty, fo that he cannot dowhat he would. AsPaul laid, I wouldhave come once and again, but Satankindred me. I would have prayed may the Chri- ftian fay at fuch a time, and meditated on the Word I heard, the mercies I received at another, but this enemy hindred. 'Tis true indeed, grace fwayes the Scepter in fuch a foule, yet as School- boyes taking their time when their Mailer is abroad do Phut him out, and fora while lord it in mifrule, though they are whip't for it afterwards : thus the unregenerate 'part 'takes ad- vantage when grace is not on its watch todifturb its government, and ihut it out fromduty, though this at laft makes the foul more fevere in mortifying, yet it colts force fcuffle before it can reco- ver its throne, and when it cannot shut from duty, yet then is theChriflian wofully yok't with it in duty; it cannot do what it doth as it would; many a letter in its copy doth this enemy fpoil, while he joggs himwith impertinent thoughts ; when the Chriftian is a praying, thenSatan and the flefb are a prating; he cries, and they louder, toput him out or drown his cry. Thus we fee the Chriftian is afraird on every fide by his enemy; and bow can it be other, when the feeds of war are laid deep in the natures of both, which can never be rooted up till the devil ceafe to be a devil, fin to be fin, and the Saint to be a Saint? Though wolves may fnarle at one another, yet foon are quiet again, be- caufe thequarrel is not in their nature ; but the Wolfe and the Lambcan never be made friends. Sin will tuft againft grace, andgrace draw upon finwhenever they meet. SECT.