Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

For we Wrefilo. 16i SECT. I Firft, this may reprove fuch as wreftle, but againft whom ? a- , gainft God, not againft fin and Satan. Thefe arebold men in- 'le deed, who dare try a fall with the Almighty ; yet fuch there are, and a Wo pronounced againft them. //a. '45.9. Wo onto him that firiveth with, hit Maker. 'Tis eafie to tell which of thefe will be warned. What can he do, but break his thins that dafheth them againft a rock? A goodly battel there is like to be, when thorns conceit with fire, and flubble with flame. But where live thole giants , that dare enter the lift with the great God what are their names that we may know them, and brand them for crea- tures above all other unworthy to live ? Take heed 0 thou who askeft, that the wretched man whom thou feemeft fo to-defie, be not found in thy own clothes it felf. ludas was the Traitour, though be would not anfwer to his name, but put it off with a /Wafter is it I ? and fo mayeft thou be the fighter againft God. The heart is deceitful. Even holy 'David, for all his anger was fo hot againft the rich man, that took away the poor mans ewe- Lamb, that he bound it with an oath, the man fhould not live who had done it, yet proves at laft to be himfelf the man, as the Prophet told him, 2 Sam. 12. Now there are two wayes wherein men wreftle againft God ; Firft, when they wreftle againft his Spirit. Secondly, when they wreftle againft his Providence. Firft, when they wreftle againft his Spirit. We reade of the r. Spirits tidying with the creature, Gen. 6..3. My fpirit /hall not area es /lrive with man. Where the ftriving is not inanger and wrath to defiroy them, (that God could do without any ftir or fcuffle) but a loving ftrife and'conteft with man, Theold world was running with fuch a cariere headlong into their ruine, he fends his Spirit to interpofe, and by his counfels and reproofes to offer, alit were,to ftop them and reclaim them. As if one feeints, another ready to offer violence on himfelf,fhould ftrive to get the knife out of his hand, with which he would do the mifchief. Or one that bath a purfe of gold in his hand to give, fhould follow another by all manner of entreaties, (hivingwith him to accept