Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

179 Forive wre le. nervy. Thus when Jacobwas alone, a man wreftled with him until breaking of the day, and therefore fet thy heart at refit if thiobe thy fcruple c Thy Collie may rather rake comfort in this, that thou art a wrefiler ; Ttlis ftrugling within thee, ifupon the right ground, and to the right end , cloth evidence there are two Nations within thee, two contrary natures, the one from earth earthly, and the other from heaven heavenly ; yea, for thy further comfort know, though thy corrupt nature be the elder, yet it (hall ferve the younger. Vie 4. 0 how fhould this make thee(Chriftian)long to be gone home, Where there is none of this fir and fcuffle! 'Tis ftrange, that e- very houre feems not a day, and everyday a year,till death founds thy joyful retreat, and calls thee off the field, where thebullets file fo thick, and thou air fighting for thy life with thy deadly e- nemies, to come toCourt, where not fwords, but palmes, are feen in the Saints hands; not drums,but harps; not groanes' of bleeding fouldiers and wounded confciences, but fweet and ra- vifhing mufick is heard of triumphing. Vi&ors caroling the prai- fesof God and the Lambe, through whom they have overcome. Well,Chriftians, while you are below, comfort your felves with thefe things ' There is a place of Ref remains for the people of God : You do not beat the aire, but wreftlefor a Heaven that is yonder above thefe clouds ; you have your worft firft, the beft will follow. You wreftle but towin a Crown, and win to wear it, yea wear never to lofe it, which once on none (hall take off, or put you to the hazard ofbattel more. Here we overcome to fight again, the battel ofone temptation may be over, but the war rema nes. What peace can we have, as long as devils can come abroad out oftheir holes, or any thing of finful nature re- mains in our fe Ives unmortified ? which will even fight upon its knees, and ftrike with one arme while the other is cut off ; but whendeath comes,the laft ftroak is ftruck : this good Phyfician will perfectly cure thee of thy fpiritual blindneffe and lameneffe, (as the Martyr told his fellow at the flake bloody Banner would do their bodily ) What is it, Chriftian, which takes away the joy of thy life, but the wreftlings and combates which this bofome-e- nemy puts thee to ? Is not this the Peninnak; that vexing and difturbing thy Spirit, bath kept thee off many a fweet meale, hou tra< hteft have had in communion with God and his Saints? or-