Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

'74 dot with ) and blood. `David in their army, when to fight againft /frae/, left in the battel he ihould be an adverfary to them ; And dareft thou go toduty, or engage in any adion,where Satan will appear againft thee, and not endeavour to make lure of thy pride, unbelief, &c, that they joyne not with thine enemy ? Secondly, are Satan and thy own fleth againft thee, not tingle corruption, but edged with his policy, and backed by his pow- er? fee then what need thou haft of more help then thy owne grace ; take heed of grapling with him in the ftrength of thy naked grace; here thou haft two to one againft thee: Satan was too ha, d for Adam , though he went fo well appointed into the field, becaufe left to himfelf, much more eafily will he foile thee ; cling therfore about thy God for flrength, get him with thee, and then though a worme, thou (halt be able to deal with this Serpent. Vielareameassa.*. SECT, IL . Secondly, flea' andblood is interpreted as a periphrafis of man. We wreffle not with fleth and blood, that is, not with man,who is here defcribed by that part which chiefly diftinguith- eth him from the Angelical nature ; Touch me, faith Chrift, and handle me, a Spirit bath not j7efh. Now according to this Inter- pretation ()Verve; Firft, how meanly the Spirit of God fpeaks ofman. Secondly, where he layes the fireffe of the Saints battel, not in refilling flefh and blood, but Principalities and Powers; where the Apoftle excludes not our combate with man, for the war is againft the Serpent and his feed As wide as the world is, it cannot peaceably hold the Saints and wicked together ; but his intent is to thew, what a complicated enemy (mans wrath and Satans interwoven together) we have to deal with. firft, for the firit, how meanly doth the Spirit of God fpeak ofman, calling him flah and blood? Man hath a Heaven-borne foule, which nukes him a kin to Angels, yea, to the God of them who is the rather of Spirits; but this is paired by in filence, as if God would not owne that which is tainted with fin, and not the creature God atfirft made it, or becaufe the foul, though of fuch