Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Not ziithfiefb andblood. 175 fuck noble extradion,yet being fo immerft in fenfuality, deferves no other name then flefh, whichpart of man levels himwith the beall, and'is here intended to expreffe the weakneffe and frailty of mans nature.' is the phrafe which the Holy Ghoft expreffeth the weakneffe and impotencyof a creature by, /fa. 3i, 3. They are men,and, their horfes are flellr; that is, weak} as on the contrary, when he would fet out the power and ftrength ofa thing, he op, pofet.h it to fl(fh, 2 Cor. R o. 3. Our Weapon; are not carnal, but mighty; and fo in the text, not Nth and blood,but Powers. As if he fhould fay,Had you noother to few e but a weak lorry man, it were not worth the providing armes or ammunition; but you have enemies that neither are flea.), nor are refilled with flefh ; fo that here we fee what a weak creature man is, not onlyweaker then Angels, as they are Spirit, and he fiefh, but in fome fenfe beneath the beafts, as the flefh of man is frailer then the flefh of beafis, therefore the Spirit of God compares man to thegraiTe, which Coon withers, Ifa. 4o. 6. and his goodlinefe to the flower of the field, Yea, he is called vanity, Pfal. 62. 9. Men of low de- gree,are variety, and men of high degree are a lie, both alike vain; only the rich and the great man, his vanity is covered with ho- nour, wealth, &c. which are here called a lie, becaufe they are not what they fcem, and fo worfe then plain vanity, which is known to be fo, and deceives nor. Firft, Is man but fraile flefh ? let this humble thee, 0man, in vre all thy excellency, flefh is but one remove from filth and cor- ruption: t by faille is the flit that keeps thee fweet, or die thou wouldeft clink above ground. Is it thv beauty thou prideft in flefh is graffe, but beauty is the vanity of this vanity. This good- lineffe is like the flower, which hits not fo long as the graffe, ap- pears in its mone,,h,and is gone, yea, like the beautyof the flow-- er, which fades while the flower ftands. How loon will tiniu plough make fUrrowes in thy face, yea, one fit of an Ague fo change thy counten.ce, as 1E211 make thy doting lovers afraid to look on the-e? Es it ftrength ? alas, it .is an arrne of flefh, which withers oft in the ftretehing forth; ere long thy blood which is now warm, will freeze in thy veines;thy Spring crown'd with May-buds, will tread on 'Decembers heel; thy marrow dry in thybones, thy lino, s fluink, thy legs bow under the weight of thy bodyl thy eye-ftrings crack, thy tongue not able to call: for,-