Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

176 Not with flefh and blood. for help; yea, thy heart with thy flefh fhall faile ; and now thou, who art fuch a giant, take a turne if thou canft in thy chamber, yea, raife but thy head from thy pillow if thou art I able, or call back thy breath, which is making hafte tobe gone out ofthy noftrils, never to return more ; and dareft thou glo- ry in that which fo foon may be proftrate ? Is it wifdorne'? the fame grave that covers thy body, fhall bu- ryall that, (the wifdomeof thy flefh I mean) all thy thoughts fhall Ora, and goodly plots come to nothing. Indeed, if a Chriftian, thy thoughts as fuch (hall afcend with thee, not one holy breathing of thy foule loft. Is it thy blood and birth ? whoever thou art, thou art bafe-bornc till borne againe, the fame blood runs in thy veines, with the beggar in the ftreet, .451.c 17. 26. All Nations there we finde made of the fame blood, in two things all are alike, we come in and go out of the world alike; as one is not made of finer earth,fo not refolved in- to purer duff. . 2. Secondly, Isman flefh ? truft not in man ; Curled he that makesflef7Ais acme. Not the mighty man ; robes may ,hide and garnifh, they cannot change flab, Tjal. 146. Fut not your trail in Princes ; alas, they cannot keep their crownes on their own heads, their heads on their own (houlders, and look- eft thou for that which they cannot give themfelves? Not in wife men, whole defignes recoile oft upon themfelves, that they cannot performe their enterprife. -Amphora coeptt inflitui cur- renterot:t cur urcetm exit. Mans carnal wifdome intends one thing, but God turnes the wheele, and brings forth another. Trutt not in holy men, a they have flefh, and fo their judgement not infallible, yea, their way fometimes doubtful. His miftake may lead thee afide, and though he returns,thou mayeft go on ,pnd perifh. Trutt not in any man, in all men, no not in thy fell, thou artflefh. He is a foot, (faith the Wife man) that Irish his heart. Not in the bell thou art or doeft , the garment of thy righteoufneffe is fpotted with the flea); all is counted by Saint Paul, confidence in the flef , betides our rejoycin.g in Ch rift, Phil. 3.3. fc, 3. - Thirdly, feare not man, he is but flefh. This was Davids re. folv, Pf. 56. 4. / will not fear Whatfleib can de unto me;thou tieed'it notithou oughat not to fear.Thou need'ft not.What, not fuch a great