Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

2 Be firol. to their liberty, and not fcrupled, (fo elcape they thight) whe- ther they got out at the door or window : But this holy man was not fo fond of liberty or life, as to purchafe them with the leaft hazard to the Golpel. He knew too much of another world, tobid fo high for the enjoying of tnis, and therefore be is at a point what his enemies can do with him, well knowing he could go to heaven whether they would or no ; No, the great care which layupon him was for the Churches of drift : as a faithful Steward he labours to fet this Houle of God in order before his departure. We reade of no difpatches fent to Court to procure his hinny, but many ra the Chung es to help them to iland fail in the liberty wherewith ( hr fthad made them free. There is no Inch way to be even with the devil and his inflru. rnents for all their fpite againft us, as by doing what good we can, wherever we become,The d vii tild as good have let Pah/a- lone; for he no fooner comes into prhon. but befalls a preach- ing, at which the gates of Satans piton the open, and poor fin Hers come forth. Happy for ontjimpu that Pad was fent to Jade ;Cod had an errand for Paul to do to him and others, which the devil never drearn'c of. Nay he doi h not only preach in prifon, but that he may do the devil all the mifchief he can, he fends his Epifiles to the Churches; that rafting b;sspirit in his lions, and reading his faith, now ready to he offs, ed. up, they might much more be confirmed, amongst which E- phefto was nor leaft inhis thoughts, as you may perceive by his abode with them= two yeares together, 411s to I e. as alio by his. fending for the Elders of this Church as fa r as t..24retref, in his left journey to 7reffi/eny, Aar; 20. re. to take his farewel of them, as never to fee their face in this world more. And fute- ly the fad impreficton which that heart-breaking departure left upon the 1irits of thefe Elders; yea, the whole Chu ch, (by them acquainted with this mournful newes ) h.ight fhr t p Rata, now in prdon: to write unto this Church, a at ha vieg fomech of spirit, yea, of the pint or the Gofpel left in their hands: to converfc with, they might more patierah, h-,k.e the newes of his,deash. In the former part of this Fp We he foares high in the my., fkries of fa Eh In the latter, ,ccordieg to his ulual method ht deicends to Apilication ;; where we fincleldnicontrading ail. chore.. . .. . ... -