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. . Be firong. that truths, as beams together in a powerful exhortation, the more to enkindle their hearts, and powerfully perfwade them to walk worthy of their vocation, chap, 4. r. whidi then is done, when the Chrillians life is tranfparent, that the grace of the Go- fpel Gaines forth in the power of holineffe on every fide, and from all his relations, as a candle in a Cryflal glaffe,not in a dark Lanthorn, lightfome one way, and dark another: and therefore he runs over the feveral relations of Husband, Wife, 1),re:1u, Children, Matter and Servants, and preffeth the fame in all thefe. Now having Get every one in his proper place, about his par- ticular duty : as a wife General after he bath ranged his Army, and drawn them forth into rank and tile : he makes this follow- ing fpeech at the head of this Ephefian Camp, all in martial phrafe, as bell fuiting the ChriGians calling, which is a conti- nued warfare with the world, and the Prince of the world. The fpeech it feif contains twe, parts ; Firft, a fhort, but fweet and powerful encouragement, ver. JO. - Secondly, the other part is fpent in feveral direClions, for their managing this war the more fuccesfully, with fome mo- tives here and there fprinkied among them. To begin with the firth i.Theword of encouragement to battel. With this he be- gins his fpeech ; Final 1y,my brethren, be firong in the Lard : the beff way indeed to prepare them for the following direetions. A foul deeply poffeft with fear, and diffpirited with flrong im- preffions of danger, is in no poflure for counfel. As we fee in an Army when put to the run with fome fudden alarm, and ap- prehenfions of danger ; 'Lis hard rallying them into order while the fcare and feare is over ; therefore the ApoGle firft raifeth up their fpirits , 73e fironyr, is the Lord: as if he fhould fay, perhaps force drooping foules finde their hearts faile them, while they fee their enemies fo firong, and they fo weak ; fo nu- merous, and they fo few ; fo well appointed, and they fo naked and unarmed : fo skilful and expert at armes, but they green and raw fouldiers;Let not thefe or any other thoughts difmay you,bue with undaunted courage march on, and befirong in the Lord; on whofe performance lies the ftreffe of the battel, andnot on your B 2, skim