Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

IE to Be firong. and make a difhonourable retreat into Egypt. Thus the great- eft part of thofe who profeffe the Gofpel, when they come to pufhofpike, to be tried what they will do, deny, endure for Chrift, grow lick oftheir enterprife : alas, their hearts fail them, they are like the waters of Bethlehem ; but if they mull difpute their 'mirage with fo many enemies, they will even content them- felves with their own Ciftern, and leave heaven to others that will venture more for it. 0 how many part with Chrift at this croffe-way! like .Orpah they go a furlong or two with Chrift, while he goes to take them off from their worldly hopes, and bids them prepare for hardfhip, and then they fairly kiffe and leave him, loath indeed to lofe heaven, but more loth to buy it arfodear a rate. Like fome green heads, that childifhty make choice of fome fweet trade (Each as is the Confe6tioners) from a liquorifh tooth theyhave to the junkets it affords, but meet- ing with foure fauce of labour and toile that goes with them, they give in, and are weary of their fervice ; the fweet bait of Rel gion hath drawn many to nibble at it, who are offended with the hard fervice it calls to; It requires another fpirit then the world can give or receive to follow Chrift v1/42.. Let this thenexhort you, Chriftians, to labour for this holy re- folution and proweffe,which info needful for your Chriftian Pro- feffion, that without it you cannot be what you profeffe. The fearful are in the forelorne of thofe that march for hell, Rev. 2 r. the violent and valiant are they, which take heaven by force : Cowards never wan heaven, Say not, thou haft royal blood run- ning in thy veins, and art begotten of G;d, except thou canft prove thy pedigree by this heroick fpirit, to dare to-be holy in fpite of men and devils. The Eagle tries her youngones by the Sun, Chrift tries his children by their courage, that dare look on the face of death and danger for his fake, Mark 8. 34, 35. 0 how uncomly a fight isit;a bold firmer and a fearful Saint ;one, refolved to be wicked, and a Chriftian wavering in his holy courfe ; to fee guilt put innocency to flight, and hell keep the field, impudently braving it with difplayed banners of open profaneneffe ; and Saints to hide their colours for fhame, or run from them for feare, who fhould rather wrap themfelves in them, and die upon the place, then thus betray the glorious NameofGod, which is called uponby them to the fcorne of the