Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Be firong. uncirctimcifed. Take heart therefore,0ye Saints,and be ftrong: your caufe is good, God himfelf efpoufeth your quarrel, who bath appointed you his own Son, General of the field, called The Captain ofour falvation . He than lead you on with courage, Htb. and bring you offwith honour. He lived and died for you, he Will live and die with you : for mercy and tenderneffe to his foul- diers, none like him 7-7,,tjan,'tis faid, rent his clothes to binde up his fouldierswounds;Chrift poured out his blood as balm to heal his Saints wounds, teares of his flail to binde them up. For proweffe, none to compare with him : he never turn'd his head from danger : no, not when hells malice and heavens juftice ap- peared in field againft him ; Knotting all that Amid come upon him, wentforth andlaid, Whom feekye? John 18. 4. For fucceffe infuperable ; he never loft battel even when he loft his life : he wan the field, carrying the fpoiles thereof in the triumphant chariot of his Afcenfion to heaven with him : where he makes an open thew of them to the unfpeakable joy of. Saints and An- gels. You march in the midft of gallant fpirits, your fellow- fouldiers, every one the Son of a Prince : Behold, force (endu- ring with you here below a great fight of afflidions and tempta- tions,) take heaven by ftorme and force : Others you may fee after many affaults, repulfes and rallyings of their faith and pa- tience, got upon thewalls ofheaven Conquerours ; fromWhence they So, as it were, lookdown, and call you their fellow-bre- thren on earth, to march up the hill after them, crying aloud, Fall on, and the city is your own, as now it is ours ; who for a few dayes conflict, are now crowned with heavens glory, one moments enjoyment ofwhich hath dried up all our teares, heal- ed all our wounds, and made us forget the tharpneffe of the fight, with the joy of our prefent victory. In a word,Chrifti- ans, God and Angels are Spedatours, obferving how you quit Tour(elves like children of the molt High ; every exploit your ,faith doth againft fin and Satan, caufeth a thout in heaven ; while youvaliantly proftrate this temptation, fcale that diffi - culty, regain the other ground you even now loft, out of your enemies hands. Your deare Saviour, (who ftands by with a re- ferve for your relief at a pinch) his very heart leaps within him for joy, to fee the proof ofyour love to him, and zeal for him in all your combates ; and will not forget all the faithful feivice C 2 you