Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Befirms in the Lord. end of hisProfeftion,when he is pinch's on that toe where his corn is : I meane, called to deny that his naughty heart aimed at all this while, now his heart failes him, be can go no further. 0 take heed of this fquint eye to our profit, pleafure, honour. or any thingbeneath Chrift and heaven ; for they will take away your heart, as the Prophet faith of wine anelltoinen, that is, our love, and ifour love be taken away, there will be little courage left for Chrift. How couragious was 7ehti at-firft, and he tells the world it is zeale for God: but why doth his heart Nile him then, before halfhis work be done ?, his heart was never right fet, that very thing that ftired up Es zeal at firft, at laft quench't and cow'cl it, and that was his ambition ; his defire ofa Kingdom Imade him zealous agai nfl Ahabs houfe, to cut off them (who might in time juffle himbetides the throne) which done, and he quietly fetled, he dare not go through-ftitchwith Gods work, left he should lofe what begot by provoking the people with al(.4e thorough:Atformation. Like fome fouldiers, when once they meet with a rich booty at the !racking of fome town , are fpoil'd for fighting ever after. i'ctt1+174.414100444401,1+114) CH AP. I I. Ofthe Saintffirengtb, where it lies, andwherefore laidup in God. He fecond Branch of the words followed], which contains 1 a cautionary direction. Having exhorted the Saints at E. ',helm, and in them all believers to a holy refolution and courage in their warfare ; left this fhould be miflaken, and beget in them an opinion of their own ftrength for the battel, the A- poille leads them out ofthemfelves for this ftrength, even to the Lord ; 73eftrong in the Lord, From whence obferve, That the Chriftiansftrength lies in the Lord, not in himfelf. The firength of the General in other hates lies in his troops; he ages, as a great Commander once aid to his fouldiers, upon C 3 , their 017.filie 72 ...... -