Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

I2 Be firong, youhave done in his warson earth : but when thou comeft out ofthe field, will receive thee with the like joy, as he was enter- tained himfelf at his return to heaven ofhis Father, Now, C 116- flian, if thou meanefl thus couragioufly to bear up again;{ all oppofition, in thy march to heaven, as thou fhouldefl do well, to raife thy fpirit with fuch generous and foul ennobling thoughts, fo in an efpecial manner look thy principles be well fixt, or elle thy heart will be unflable, and an unflable heart is weak as water, it cannot excel in courage. TWQ things are re- quired to fixour principles. Fiat, an eftablifhed judgement in the truth of God. He that knows not well what or whom he fights for, may loon be per- fwaded to change his fide, or at leaft Itand Neuter ; fuch may be found that go for Profeffours, that can hardly give an ac- count what they hope for, or whom they hope in ; yet Chrifli- ans they muff be thought, though they run before they know their errand : or if they have fome principles they goupon they are fo unfetled, that every winde blowes them down, like loofa tyles from the houfe top. Blinde zeale is foon put to a fhameful retreat, while holy refolution, built on fall principles, lifts up . its head, like a rock in the micift of the waves. Thofe that knolt their Goel,thall6. efirongs and do exploits, `Dan, i T. 32, The An- gel told panic/who were the men that would ftand to their tackling, and bear up for God in that houre, both of temptati- on and perfecution, which fhould be brought upon them by srintiockw; not all the Jewes, fome of them fhould be corrupt byflatteries ,others feared by threats out of theirProfeffion, only a few offixed principles, who knew their God whorn they served, and were grounded in their Religion, . there fhould be firong,and do exploits, that iF, to flatteries they fhould be incor- ruptible, and to power and forceunconquerable, Secondly, a sincere aime at the right end in our Profeffion. - . Let a man be never fo knowing in the things ofChrifl, if his aime be not right in his Profeffion, that mans principles will hang bole, he'll not venture much or far for Chrift,, no more, no further then he can fave his own flake. A hypocrite may thew fome mettal at hand, fome courage fora fpurt in conquer- ing fome difficulties, but he'll Phew bitnfelf a jade at length. He that bath a falfe end in his Profeffion, will loon come to an end ,