Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

2 2 Befirong in the Lord. builders in the imaginations of their hearts, who raifeth this fpiritual Temple in the foules of men, not by might, or by power of their own, but by his Spirit, that fo grace,grace, might be proclaimed before it for ever. And therefore if any yet in their natural eflate would become wife to falva- tion, let them firft become fades in their own eyes, and re- ' nounce their carnal vvifdom, which perceives not the things of God, and beg Voirdorn of god, nbo giveth andupbraidetb not. any man would have ftrength to believe, let them be- come weak, and die to their own, for by ftrength [hall no man prevaile, r Sam. 2. 9. Vire 2. Secondly, doth the Chriflians ftrength lie in God, notin himfelfe ? this may for ever keep the Chriftian humble, when moll enlarged in duty, molt affifted in his Chriftian courfe. Remember,Chriftian, when thou haft thy bet fuit on, who made it, who paid for it: Thy grace, thy comfort is neither the work of thy own hands, nor the price of thy own de- fert, be not for fhame proud of anothers colt. That affift- ance will not long flay, which becomes a nurfe to thy pride; thou art not Lord of that Affiance thou hail. Thy Father is wife, who when he alloweth thee molt for thy fpiritual maintenance, even then keeps the Law in his own hands, and can loon curb thee, if thou groweft wanton with his grace. Walk humbly therefore before thy God , and husband well that ftrength thou haft, remembring that it is borrowed fit ength. Nemo prodiget podmendicat. Who will walewhat he begs ? or who will give that beggar that fpends idly his almes ?, when thou haft molt thou canft not be long from thy God laits door. And how canft thou look him on the face for more who haft imbezeli'd what thou haft received ? CHAP.