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.......... - Andin, the Power of hip 4400 04,141-100100004400f0f01,001-ti CHAP. III. Of a5iing our faith on the Almighty Power of God. He third Branch followeth, which containsan encouraging Amplification annexed to the exhortation in thefe words ; nd in the rower of ht might, where a twofold enquiry is re- ...4 quifite for thesxplication of the phrafe. Firft, what thefe words import, The Tower of his might Secondly, what it is to befirong in the Power of hit might? For the firft,the Power of his might:It is anHebraifm,& imports nothing but his mightyPower ; like that phrafe, Eph.1.6.70 the prettle of the glory ofhisgrive, that is,to the praife ofhis glorious grace. And his mighty Power imports no leffe then his Almighty Power;fometirnes the Lord is filed mighty and Strong,as 2'7.24.. 8. fometimes snot mighty , fometimes Almighty, no leffe is meant in all, then Gods infinite Almighty Power. For the fecond, to be firong in the mighty Power, or Power of the Lords might,impliesthefe two alts of faith. Firft, a fetled firme perfwafion, that the Lord is Almighty in Power. Be firong in the Power of his might, that is, be itrongly rooted in your faith, concerning this one foundation-truth, that God is Almighty. Secondly, it implies a further a6t of faith, not only to believe, that God is Almighty, but alfo that this Almighty Power of God is engaged for its defence : fo as to bear up in the midff of all trials and temptations undauntedly, leaning on the arme of God Almighty, as if it were his own frength ; for that is. the Apoftles drift, as to beat us off from leaning on our own ftrength, fo toencourage the chriftian to make ufe of Gods Al- mighty Power, as fs.ely as if it were his own; when ever af- faulted by Satan in any kinde. As a man fet upon by a thief, ftirs up all the force and ftrength he hash inhis whole body to de« 2..