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And in the Power ofhis might, their faith onGod Almighty, v. q. Trull ye in the Lord 7e- hovah, for in the Lonci7ehovah is everlafling flrengtb. So when his Saints are going into the furnace of periecution, what now doth he dire& their faith to carry to prifon, to flake with them but this Almighty power? t Pet. q.. 19. Let them that ftsf- fir,comrnit the keeping of their fouls to him, as to a faithful Creatour -Creatour is a name ofAlmighty Power, we (hall now give fome. Reafons of the Point. Firft, becaufe it is no eafie work to make ufe of this truth, Rea . r. (how plain and clear foever ic now appears,) in great plunges of temptation,that God is Almighty ; To vindicate this Name of God from thole evil reports, which Satan and carnal Reafon raife againft it, requires a ftrong faith indeed. I confeffe this principle is a piece of natural divinity ; That light which finds out aDeity, will evince (if followed clofe) this God to be. Al- mighty ; yet in a carnal heart, it islike a rutty fword, hardly drawn out of the fcabbard , and fo of little or no ufe. Such truths are fo imprifoned in natural confcience, that they feldome get a faire hearing in the timers bofome, till God gives them a Goal-delivery, and brings them out of their houfe of bondage, where they are {hut up in unrighteoufneffe with a high handof his convincing Spirit. Then and not till then the foule will be- lieve God is holy, merciful, Almighty ; nay, fome of Gods/pe- culiar people, and not the meaneft for grace amongft them, have had their faith fora time let in this flough, much ado to get o- ver thole difficulties and improbabilities, which fenfe and Rea- fon have objefted, fo as to relie on the Almighty Power of god, with a notwithflanding, Mofes himfelf, a flarre of the firft magnitude for grace, yet fee how his faithblinks and twinkles, till he wades out of the temptation, Numb. I I.2r. The people among 139 born I am are fix hundred thou/and, and thou haft [aid, I Will give them lief), that they may eat arehole moneth, (hall the flocks andthe kerb be fl4infor them to fuffice them ? This holy man had loft the fight for a time of the Almighty Power of God, and nowhe is propaing how this fhould be done ; as if he had Paid in plain termes, How can this be accomplifbed ? for fo God in- terprets his reifoning, v. 23, And the Lord raid unto Moles, Is the Lords band Waxed fh,rt ? So Mary, john t I.3 2, Lord, if thou hadit been here, my brother bad na died. And her Sifter E Martha,