Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

And in the Power ofhisWright. defend himfelf and offend his adverfary ; fo the Aport le bids the Chriftian hefirong in the Lord, and in the Power ofhts might, that is, Soul, away to thy God, whole Mighty Power is all intended and devoted by God himfeif for thy fuccour and defence. Go I firengthen and entrench thy felfe in it by a ftedfaft faith, as that which than be laid out to the utmoft for thy good. From whence there twoNotes, I conceive, will draw out the fatneffeof the words. 1. That it fhould be the Chriftians great care and endeavour in all temptations and trials, to flrengthen his faith on the Al- mighty Power of God. 2. The Chriftians duty and care is not only to believe that God is Almighty, but ftrongly by faith to rift on this Almighty Power of God, asertgaged for his help and faccour in all his, trials and temptations. o Firfl, it fhould be the Chriftians great care in all temptations and trials, to ftrengthen his faith on the Almighty Power of God. When God holds forth himfelfe as an objea of the fouls Eruct and confidence in any great ftrait or undertaking; com- monly this attribute of his Almighty power is prefented in the promire, as the fureft hold-raft for faith to lay holdon ; as a Father in'ingged way, gives his childe his acme to lay hold by, fo doth God ufually reach forth his Almighty power for his Saints, to exercife their faith on. 24braham, liaae and 7acob, , whole faith God tried above molt of h s Saints before or fince, for not one of thole great things whichwere promifed to them, did they live to fee performed in their dayes ; and how doth God make known himfelf to them for their fupporr, but by difplaying this Attribute? exod. 6. 3. I appeared unto eArbra- barn, lfaae and 746..06 by theName of god Almighty. This was all they had to keep houfe with all their dayes : with which they lived comfortably, >and died triumphantly, bequeathing the promile to their children, not doubting (becaufe God Almighty , had promifed) of the performance. Thus, Ifa.26. where great mercies are promifed to 7ndah, and a Song penn'd before-hand to be lung on that gaudie day of their falvation : yet becaufe there was a {harp' Winter of Captivity to come between the , Promife, and the Spring-timeof the promife ; therefore to keep (their faith alive in this (pace, the Prophet calls them up to aft their