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L 28 And in the Power ofhis might. mercy to his people, that he may reare up the more magnificent pillar of remembrance to his own power, in the mine of that which contefts with him. Had God brought //rad out of E- gypt in the time of thole Kings which knew 7ofepb, moil like- ly they might have had a friendly departure and an eafiedeliver- ance, but God referves this for the reigne of that proud Pha- raoh, who fhall cruelly oppreffe them, and venture his Kingdom, but he willfatisfie his lull upon them. And why mutt this be the time ? but that God would bring them forth with a ftretched- out arme : The magnifying of his power was Gods great de- figne. Exod. 9. 16. In very deedfor this carafe have 'railed thee sip, to fhere in thee my power, and that my Name may 6e declared throughout the earth, Fourthly, in the prevalency which 'an argument that is preffed from his Almighty Power hath with God. It was the laft firing Mofes had to his bowe, when he begg'd the lifeof Ifrael,Numb, 14. 16. The Nations which have heard thefame ofthee will [freak, raying, Becaufe the Lord was not able, &c. And, v. 17. Let the Power ofmy Lordbegreat_; And with this he hath their pardon thrown him, The Application of this Point will fall in under the next, which is 4.44141,441,1i+1,14:$ 44,4,14+14914+4,14441,10 CHAP. IV. Ofa51ing ourfaith on the Almighty Power ofGod, as engagedfor our help. 0411. t-r,Hat it is the Saints duty, and fhou Id be theircare, not on- ly to believeGod Almighty, but alfo firongly to believe that this Almighty Power of God is theirs, (that is,engaged for their defence and help) fo as to make ufe of it in all !traits and tem- ptations. SECT.