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"Ind in the Power ofhsk might, SECT. I. Phil, I fhall prove that the Almighty Power of God is enga- ged for the Chriflians defence ,with the grounds of it.Secondly, why the Chriftian fhould firongly a6t his faith on this.. Let, the Almighty Power of god is engaged for the Saints , z. defence ; God brought //rad out of Egypt with an high hand, but did he fet them down on the other fide the Red-sea, to finde and force their way to Canaan, by their own policie or power? When he had opened the iron gate of their houle of bondage, and brought them into the open fields, did he vanifh as the An- gel from Peter, whenout of prifon ? No, as a man carries his fon,fo the Lord bare them in all the way they went, Deut.t. 3 I . This doth lively let forth the Saints march to heaven : God brings .a foule out of fpiritual Egypt by his converting grace, that is the day ofhis potter, wherein he makes the foulewilling to come out of Satans clutches,. . Nowwhen the Saint is upon his march, all the countrey rifeth uponhim. How (hall this poore creature paffe thepikes, and get fafely by all his.enemies bor- ders. ? God himfelf infolds him in the artue of his eveclafting firength . We are kept by the Power of Goa through faith unto falvation, i Pet. t. 5. The Power of God is that fb,u/der, on which Chrift carries his fhfep home, rejoycing all the way he goes, Lake ty, 5.Thefe everlafting armes of his ltrength are thole eagles wings, upon which -she Saints are both tenderly and fe- curdy conveyed toglory, Exod. 19.4. There is a five fold tie or engagement that lies upon Gods power, to be theSaints life- guard. First, the near relation he bath to his Saints, they are his own dear children, every one takes care of his own, the filly Hen, how doth thebale and beflir her Pelf to gather her brood un.dei- her wing W hen the Kite appears? No care like that which Nature teachet h. Howmuch more will God,, v, ho is the Father I of fuch dirpofitionsin his crew:tire, fir up his whole fltength to defend hisa:hildren? He (4.1,7 hey are my peopleVo he be came their Sayslur, Ica. 33.3. As if God shad laid, Shall l fit Rill with my hand in my bolome, while my own people are thus mifufed e- E 3. fore