Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Andin the Power ofhkmight, 33 heaven, as he had for what he fuffered on earth : He that or- dained him a Prieft to die for finners, did not then ftrip him of his Priefllygarments (as tsfaron,) but appoints him to aCcend in them to heaven, where he fits a Prieft for ever by Gods- Oath. And this office of interceffion, was erecied purely in mercy to believers, that they might have full content given them for the performance of all that God had promifed ; fo that Jefus Chrift lies Lieger at Court as our Embaffltdour, to fee all carried fair- ly betweenGod and us according to agreement : And if Chrift follows his bufineffe dole, and be faithful in his place to belie- vers, all is well ; and cloth it not behove him to be fo, who in- tercedes for fuchdear relations ? Suppofe a Kings Son fhould get out of a befiegedCity, wherehe bath left his wife and chi!- dren, (whom he loves as his own foule,) and theft all ready to die by fword or famine, if fupply come not the fooner, could this Prince, when arrived at his fathers houfe pleafe himfelf with the delights of the Court, and forget the difirefre of his family ? or rather would henot come poft to his father, (having their cries andgroans alwayes in his cares) and before he eat or drink, do his errand to his father, and entreat him if ever he lov'd him, that he would fend all the force of his Kingdom to raife the liege, rather then any of his dear relations fhould pe- rifh ? Surely (Sirs) though Chrift be in the top of his prefer- ment, and out of the florrne in regard of his own perfon, yet his children left behind in the midft of fins, Satans, and the worlds batteries are in his heart, and (hall not be forgotten a moment by him. The care he takes in our bufineffe appeared in the fpeedy difpatch he made ofhis Spirit to his Apoftles fupply, when he af- cended,which anon almoft as he was warme in his feat, at his Fathers right hand, he fent, to the incomparable comfort of his ApoIlles and us, that to this day, yea,to the end ofthe world do, or (hall believe onhim. SECT. z. The fecond Branch of the point followes : that Saints fhould eye this Power of God as engaged for them, and preffe ° it F, home