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And in the Power ofhis ;alight. policie,& cart themfelves on the wifdom ofGod ; their own righ. teoufneffe,and exped all from the pure mercy of God in Chrift whichad of faith is fo pleating toGod,that fuch a foul (hall never be afhamed,Pfat 9,1 8 The expeilation of the poor (hall rot p:ri Al Heathen could fay when a bird ((cared by a Hawke) flew in to his bofome, I will not betray thee unto thy enemy, feeing thou cornett for Sanduary unto me. How much leffe will God yield up a foule unto its enemy, when it takes Sanduary in his Name, Paying, Lord, I amhunted with fuch a temptation,dogg'd with fuch a 101, either thou mu It pardon it, or I am damned; mortifie it, or I fhall be a flave to it ; take me into the bofome of thy love for Chri its fake ; caftle me in the armes of thyeverlaft- ing ftrength ; it is in thy power to fave me from, or give me up into the hands of my enemie : I have no confidence in my Pelf or any other : Into thy hands 'commit my caufe, my life, and relie on thee ; This dependance of a foul undoubtedly will a- waken the Almighty Power of God, for fuch a ones defence: he hath (worn the greateft oath that can come out of his bleffed -lips, even 'by himfelf, that fuch as thus fliefor refuge to hope in Irm (hall have/Iraq confolation, Heb. 6, 17. This indeed may give the Saint the greater boldneffe of faith to exped kindly en tertainment, when he repairs to God for refuge, becaufehe can- not come before be is look's for, God having Pet up his Name and Prcmifes as a flrong Tower, both calls his people into thefe Chambers, and expects they fhould betake themfelves thither. 6. Sixthly, Chrilts prefence and employment in heaven layes a ftrong engagement on God to bring his whole force and power into the field upon all occafions for his Saints defence ; one fpecial end of his journey to heaven, and abode there is, that he might (as the Saints Solicitour) be ever interceding for filch fupplies and fuccours of his Father, as their exigencies call for; and the more to afire us of the rame before he went, he did (as it were) tell us, what heads he meant to go upon in his interceflion, when he fhould come there ; one of whichwas this, that his Father fhould keep his children while they were to flay in the world, from the evil thereof, John 17. 5 . Neither doth (\brill take upon him this work of'his own head, but bath the fame appointment ofhis Father, for what he now prayes in - 4 Pea-