Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Andin the Power of his Wright. for duty,` en that which eyes Gods Almighty power enga- ged for its affiflance, Go in this tby might, faid God to Gideon, have not I card thee ? as if he had faid,Can I not, will I not car- ry thee through thy work ? Away goes Gideon in the faith of this and doth wonders. This brought the righteous man from the Batt to Gods foot, though he knew not whither he went, yet he knewwith whom he went, God Almighty. But take a foul, not perfwaded of this how uneven and unflableis- he in his obediential courfe ? every threat from reran if mighty, difmayts him, b:caufe his faith not fixt on the Almighty, and therefore fometimes he will fhift off a duty to comply,with man, and betray his truft into the hands of a forry creature, becaufe he path fletbly eyes to behold the power of man, but wants a fpiritual eye to fee God at his back, to protect} him with his A1- ,1 mighty power; which were his eyes open to fee, he would not be fo routed in his thoughts at the approach ofa weak creature: Shouldftich a man as .1 flee ? faidgood Nehemiah, Nebem, 6.t i. He was newly come from the throne of grace, where he had called in the help of the Almighty, verfe 9. 0 God, flrengthen my hands. And truly now he will rather die upon the place, then difparage his God with a difbonourable retreat. Secondly, the Chriftians comfort increafeth or waines, as the afpe6t ofhis faith is to the power ofGod, Let the foule :quefti- on that or his in in it., and his joy gufheth out, even as blood out of a broken vein : It is true, a foule may fcramble to heaven with much ado, by a faith of recumbency, relying on God as able to fave, without this perfwafion of its intereft in God ; but fuch a foule goes with a (cant fidewinde, or like a fhip whofe mails are laid by the board, expofed to winde and weather,+ if others better appointeddid not tow it along with them. Many feares like waves ever and anon cover filch a foule, that it is more under water then above ; whereas one that fees it felfe folded in the armes of Almighty power, 0 how fuch a foule goes mounting afore the winde, with her failes fill'd with joy and peace! Let affliaion come, fiormes arife, this bleffed foule knows where it fball land and be welcome. The Name of God is his harbour, where he puts in as boldly, as a man fteps into his own houfe, when taken in a fhower. He Meares God calling him into this and other his attributes, as F 2 Cbam-