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36 And in the rower ofhis might. Chambers taken up F .or Ifa. 26. Come my people', enter into thy Chambers. God calls them his, and it were foolifh mo- defty not to own what God gives, 45. 24. ,S-'tardy Adfi in fay, is the Lord have I righttoninefe and firength, that is, I have righteoufneffe in Gods righteoufneffe, ftrengch in his firength fo that in this refpat Chrift can no more fay that his flrength is his owne, and not the believers, then the hus- band can fay my body is myown, and not my wives. A foule perfwaded of this may fing merrily with the fharpeft (home at itsbreaft ; fo Pfal, 57.. 7. My heart is fixed, my heart is fixed, I trillfing andgive praile. What makes him fo merry in fo.fad a place as the Cave where now he was I he will tell you , verfe r. where you have him neffling hirnielfe under the fhadow of Gods wings, and nowwell may he fing care and fear away. A foul thus provided, may lie at cafe on a hard bed. Do you not think they fleep as foundly who dwell on London-bridge as they whojive at white-hallor Cheap,-(ide, knowing the waves that roare under them cannot hurt them ? Even fo may the Saints refs quietly over the floods of death it kik, and feare no ill. SECT. vie I. Is the Almighty powerof God engaged for the Saints defence? lively then they will have a. hard pull, (the Saints enemies }- mean) who meddle with them that are fo far above heir match . The devil was fo cunning, he would have job out of his trenchr his hedge down, before he would fail on.; but fo defperate are, men, they will try the field with theSaints, though incireled with the Almighty power ofGod._ What folly were it to attempt or fit downbefore Inch a City,. which block's up fo as no reliefcan get in: the way to heaven cannot. In the Church- es firaiteft liege, there is a river twhich (hailmale glad, this City. of God, with feafunable fuccours from heaven. The Saints frefh-fpringi are all from God, and it is as feafible for lorry man to flop the watercourfes of the clouds, as to dam up thole .ffreams, which invifibly glide like veins of water in the earths,. from