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And in the Power of his might, 39 into the hands ofSnake ? and hovvfearful4 thing that is, to fill into the hands of AlmightyGod , no tongue can expre ife, nonot they who feel the weight of it. Thirdly, this fpeaka to you, that are Saints indeed, Be ftrong vie, 3. in the faith of this truth , make it an Article of your Crt ed : with the fame faith that you beleeve there is a God , beleeve alfo this Gods Almighty power is thy Cure friend . and then im- prove it to thy bell advantage. As, rirtt, in agonies ofconfcience that arife from the greatneffe of r. thy thanes, flie for refuge into the Almighty power of God. Truly Sirs, when a mans finnes are difplayed in all their bfoody colours , and fpread forth in their lolling aggravations ,' and the eye of confcience awakened to behold them through the multiplying, or magnifying glaffe of a temptation, they mutt needs turprize the creature with horror and amazement ; till the foul can fay with the Prophet : for all this huge hoaft, There U yet more With me then againfl me, One Almighty is more then many Mighties. All thefe mighty finnes and devils, make not one Almighty finne, or an Almighty devil. Oppofe to.all the hideous charges brought againft thee by them this onely attribute. As the French Ambaffadour once talented the Spaniards pride in repeating his Mafters many titles , with one .that drowned them all. God himfelf, Hofea it . 9. when he had aggravatedhis peoples finnes to the height, then to thew what I a God can do , breaks out into a faveer promife: / will not , execute the fierceneYe of mine anger why not? 1 amGoa', ( and not man. I will thew the Amightineffe of my mercy. Something like our ufual phrafe ; when a childe or a woman ftrikes us, I am a man, and not a childe, or woman, therefore I will not ftrike again. The very confidering God to be God, fuppofeth himAlmighty to pardon as well as to avenge , and this is fome relief; But then to confider it is Almighty power in .bond and Covenant to pardon, this is more; As none can binde God but himfelf, fo none can break the bond himfelf i makes.: and are they not his own words, that he 'wit; abundant- ly pardon? Ifa.55. he will multiply to pardon, as ifhe had faid, I'ledropmercy with your finne, and fpend all I have ,. rather then let it be Paid my good is overcome of your evil. It fares with the gracious foul in this cafe as with a Captaine,that yields his