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;8 Anditt the Power of his might. for another coaft, it belongs to the Saints into whole bofome this truth unlades all her comfort: fee God (hutting the door upon you, when he fets his children to feaft themfelves with fuch dainties, Ejay 65. I 3. Myfervantt Aall eat, but ye .4,111 be hungry;roy fervants (hall drink,but ye (hall be airily. Clod bath his fet number, which he provides for ; He knows how many he bath inhis family : thefe and no more shall fit down. One chief difb at the Saints board is the Almighty power of God ; This was fet before eAbraham and Rands before all his Saints, that they may eate to fulneire ofcomfort on it; But thou (halt be hungry ; He is Almighty to pardon but he will not ufe it for thee an impenitent finner ; thou haft not a friend on the bench, not an attribute in all Gods Name will fpeak for thee : Mercy it fell will fit and vote with the reft of its fellow-attributes for thy damnation. God is abler() lave and help in a time ofneed, but upon what acquaintance is it that thou art fo bold with God, as to expeft his favingarme to be firetcht forth for thee? Though a man will rife at midnight to let in a childe, that cryes and knocks at his doore, yet he will not take fo much paines for a dog, that lies howling there. This prefents thy condition, linnet, fad enough, yet this is to tell thy flory faireft ' for that Almighty power of God which is engaged for the beleevers falvation is as deeply obliged to bring thee to thy execution, and damnation, What greater tie then an oath ? God himfelf is under an oath to be the deftrudion of every impenitent foul. That oath which God ftvare in his wrath agaidi the un- beleeving /frae/ites , that they fhould not enter into his ref( , concernes every unbeleever to the end of the world. In the Name of God confider , were it but the oath ofa man , or a company of men, that like thole in the Nis , fhould fweare to be the death of fuch a one, and thou wer: the man , would it not fill thee with feare and trembling night and day , and take away the quiet of thy life till they were made friends ? What then are their pillows ftuft with , who can fleep fo foundly without any horrour or amazement , though they be told that the Almighty God is under an oath ofdamning them body and foul, without timely repentance? 0 bethink your felves, finners, is it wifdome, or valour to refufe termes of mercy from Gods hands,whofe Almighty power if rejected, will foone bring