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3. thy head in the lap of a temptation. Secondly, pride appears in the negle5t of thole means, whereby the Saints graces and comforts are to be fed when firongeft. May be, .Chrittian, when thouart under feares and doubts then GOd bath thy company, thou art oft with thy pitcher at his door, but when thou haft got anymeafure ofpeace, there grower prefently Ionic ftrange- neffe between God and thee : thy pitcher walks not as it was wont to thefe Wells of falvation. No wonder if thou (though rich in grace and comfort) goell bellinde-hand, feting thou fpendeft on theold flock, and drivefi no trade at preient to bring in more: Or if thou cloth not thus negleet duty, yet may be thou (lothnot perform it with that humility, which formerly beautified the fame : then thou prayedft in the fade of thy weak- neffe to get ftrength, now ,thou 'pray& to Phew thy flrength that others may admire thee. And if Once (like fiezekiab) we call in Spectators to fee our treafiire, and applaud us for our gifts and comfort, ( hen it is high time for God, ifhe indeed-love us, to fend fame meffengers to tarry thefe away from us, which carry our hearts from him. Fourthly, if thy heart cloth not frnite thee from what bath been faid, but thou haft fincerelywaited on God, and yet haft not received the flrength thou defireff, yet let it be thy refola- tion to live and die waiting on him. God doth not tell us his time of coming, and it were boldwffe to let on of our own heads. Go, faith Chrift to his difciples, bike 24. 49. Stay ye in 7erofalem, ,antil ye be violated with Yorper from on High. Thus he faith to thee, ftay at 7erufalem, wait on him in the means he bath appointed, till thou beeft endued with further power to mortifie thy corruptions, &c. And for thy comfort know Fitt}, thy thus perfevering to wait on Cod, will be an evi- dence of fir ong grace in thee : the leffe encOuragentent thou haft to duty, the more thy faith andobedience to bear thee up in duty. He that can trade when times are fo dead. that all his ware lies upon his hand, and yet drawes not in his hand, but rather trades more and more, furc his flock is great. What, no comfort in hearing, no eafe to thy fpirit in praying, and yet mo: e greedy to Beare, and mere frequent in prayer ? 0 foul, great is thy faith and patience, Se-