Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

And in the Power ofhis might, down his praife for what was received. If thou wouldeft have fuller communications of divine strength, ovine God in what he bath done. Art thou weak ? bleffe God thou haft life. Doeil thou through fecbleneffe often faile in duty, and fall into tem- ptation? Mourne in the fenfe of thefe yet bleffe God, that thoudoeft not live in a total negle&ofduty, out of a prophane contempt thereof, and that in stead offalling through weaknefs, thou doeft not lie in themire of fin through the wickedneffeof thy heart. The unthankful foul may thank it felf, it thrives not , better. Thirdly, art thou humble under the affiflance and flrength God bath given thee ? pride flops the conduit; if the heart be gin to fwell, it is time for God to hold his hand and turne the cock, for all that is poured on fuch a foule runs over into felf- applauding, and fo is as water fpilt in regard of any good it doth the creature, or anyglory it brings to God. A proud heart. and *lofty mountainare never fruitful. Now betide the com- mon wayes that pride difcovers it feif, as by under-valuingo- thers, and over-valuing it felfe, and fuch like, you fhall ob- ferve two other fymptomes ofit. Fitt it appears in bold ad- ventures, when a perfon runs into the mouth oftemptation,bear- ing himfelf up on the confidence ofhis grace receiv'cl. This was Peters fin,by which he was drawn to engage further thenbecame an humble faith, running into the devils quarters, and fo be- came his prifoner for a while. The good man, when in his right temper, had thonghts low enough of himfelf, as when he aset his Mailer, is it 1? but he that feared at one time, left he might be the traitour at another cannot think fo ill of himfelf, 'as to fulpeft he fhould be the denyer of his Mailer. What he ? 'No, though all the reit ihould forfake him, yet he would Rand to his colours ; Is this thy cafe, Chriflian ? Poflibly God bath given thee much of his minde, thou arc skilful in theWord of life, and therefore thou claret venture to breath in corrupt afire, as if only the weak fpirits of lefle knowing Chriftians, expofed them to be infefted with the contagion of errour and herefie ; Thou beta largeportion of grace, or at leail thou thinkeft fo, and ventureft togo where an humble minded Chriftian would fear his heels should flip under him. Truly now thou tempteft God to fuffer thy lock to becut, when thou art fo bold to lay H thy