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vZIre" tar.ig,a EPHESIANS 6.1!. Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able tofland againfl the wiles of thedevil. ,:e2AHis verfe is a Key to the former, wherein the A- poftle had exhorted believers to encourage', and bear up their fainting fpirits on the Lord, 1 and the power of his neght. Now in thefe 4 words he explains himftlf, and fhewes how he would have them do this, not prefumptuoully ecome into the field without that armour, which God hath ap- pointed to be worne by all his fouldiersa and yet with a bravado. to unit in the power of God to fave them. That foule is lure to fall fhort of home, (heaven l mean) who hath nothing but a carnal confidence on the Name of God, blower) up by the ig- norance of God and himfelf NO; he that would have his con- fidence duly placed on the Power of God, muff confciencioufly ufe the means appointed for his defence, and not rufh naked in the battel, like that fanatick fpirit at Maiaftee who would needs go forth, and chafe away the whole at my, then Lefieging: that city,with no other cannon, then a few words charged with the Name of The Lorti.of holies, (which he- blalphemorifly made bold toufe) king, ha the Name of the Lord of belief depart. But hi mfelf loon perned ; to learne others wildom by what he paid for his folly. What foolifli bravHg language (hall you hear drop from the lipe of the moil proplaane and ignorant a- mong us ? they truft in God, hope in his mercy, defie the de- vil and all his works, and fIch like fluffe, who yet are- poor na ked creatures, without the leall pieceofGods armour upon their fouls. To cathiere fuch prefumption from the Saints Camp, he annexeth this Direetory to his exhortation, Tut on the whole ar- mour of God So that the words fall into thefe twogene- nal parts. Ertl.