Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Tut on thewhole Armour ofGod. 6 4,01,144V4.4.00.0441101-ttto.tpc:Ifc 1,4101,4u1 CHAP. II . Shewed), that the Armour we e againft Satan, muff be divine in the Inflitution, filch only to God appoints. ICIrft, the Chriftians Armour which he weares muft be of Were/. divine Infhtution and appointment. The fouldier comes into the field with no armes, but what his General commands, 'tis not left to every ones fancie to bring what weapons he pleafe, this will breed contemn. The Chriflian fouldier is bound up toGods order, though the army beon earth, yet the Councel of War fits in Heaven ; This duty ye fhall do, that means ye (hall ufe ; and to do more or ufe other then God commands, though with fome feeming fucceffeagainfl fin ; fuch (hall furely be call'd to account for this boldneffe. Thedifcipline of war among men is flria in this cafe. Some have fuffered death by a Councel ofwar, even when they have beaten the enemie,becaufe out of their place, or befidetheir order. God is very precife in this point, he will fay to fuch as invent wayes to worfhip him of their own, coyne meanes tomortifie corruption, obtain comfort in their own mint; Who hath regaired this at your hands? this is truly to be righteous over- much,(as Solomon fpeaks) whenwe will pretend to correa Gods Law, and adde fupplements ofour own to his rule. Who will pay that man his wages that is not fet on work by God ? God tells lfrotel, the falfeProphets (hall do them der nogood, becaufe they come not of his errand ; fo neither will thofe wayes and meanes help, which are not ofGods appointing; Gods thoughts are not as mans, nor his wayes as ours, which he ufeth to attain his ends by. If manhad been to fet forth the Ifraelitifh army, now tomarch out of Egypt; furely his wifdoni would have direfted rather to have plundered the Egyptians of their bode and armies, (as more neceffary, for fuch an expediti, 13 on)