Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Put on the whole Armour of God. on) then to borrow their jewels and ear`- rings, but God will have them come out naked and on foot; and Alofes keeps dole to his order ; yea, when any liorfes were taken in baud, be- caufe God commanded they fhould be houghed, they obeyed, though to their feeming difadvantage. It was Gods war they waged, and therefore but reafonable they fhould be underhis command, they encamp'c and march's by his order ; as the Ark movedor relied, they fought by his command, the number ap- pointed by him, the means and weapons they fhould ufe, all pre- tcribed byGod, as in the affault of ?ericho and what is the Go- fpel or all this ? (for furely God had an eye in that to our march- ing to heaven, and our fighting with thefe curled fpirits and lulls that nand in our way) but that we fhould fight lawfully, Wing thofe means, which we have from his mouth in his Word? Vfe This reproveth two forts : Firft, thole that fight Satan in Armour, that bath no divine Inftitution, as Fa, the Papift. Look into his armoury, and hardly a piece I' that will be found Armour of God. They fight in the Popes armour: his authority is the fhop, wherein their weapons are forged ; It were a kinde of pennance to your patience, to re- peat all the feveral pieces of armours With which they load filly foules, too heavy indeed for the broadeft fhoulders among them to bear ; yea, more then the wifer fort of them mean to ufe, their maires, mattens, vigils, pilgrimages, Lent-falls, whippings, vowes ofchaftity, poverty, with a world of fuch trafh ; where is a Word of God for thefe ? who bath required thefe things at their hands ? a thoufand woes will one day fall upon thofe Im- poftors, who have Itrip't the pe8ple of the true Armour of God, and put thefe reeds and bulrufhes in their hands. This may ju- fiifie us in the fight of God and men, for our departure from them, whowill force us to venture the life of our foules in fuch, paper-armour, when God bath providedbetter. 2. Secondly, the carnal Proteftant, who fights in &fitly armour. 2 COr. 10. 3. the Apofile fpeaks there of warring after the fiefh, that is, with weapons or means, which mans carnal wifdome prompts to, and not God commands, and fo are weak. How few are clad withother in the day of baud; Fiat, when Sa- tan