Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

70 Put on the whole Amour of God. temptation, but is of fuch a divine temperament, that is repels Satans motions with fcorne on Satans teeth. Should fuch a one as I fin, as .Nehemiah in another cafe? and fuch are all the refl. Now try whether your weapons be mighty or weak : what can you do or fuffer more for God, then an hypocrite that, is clad in fiefhly armour ? I'le tell you what the world faith, and if you be Chriflians, clear your felves, and wipe off that dirt which they throw upon your glittering armours they fay, Thefe Profeffors indeed haveGod more in their talk thenwe, they are oftner in the mount of duty then we, but when they come down into theit Chops, relations and worldly employments, then the belt ofthem all is but like one of us ;they can throw the Tables ofGods Com- mandments out of their hands as well as we, come from .a Ser- mon, and be as covetous and griping, as peevifh and paflionate as the worn ; they chew as little love to Chrift as others, when it is matter ofcolt, as to relieve a poor Saint, or maintain the Gofpel, you may get more from a ftranger, an enemie, then from a profeffing brother. 0Chriftians, either vindicate the Name ofChrift, whofe Enfign you feem to march after, or throw away your kerning armour, by which you have drawn the eyes of the world upon you. If you will not, Chrifi himfelf will ca- fhiere you, and that with fhame enough ere long. Never call that Armour of God, which defends thee not againft the pow- , er of Sa, an. Take therefore the feveral pieces of your armour, and try them,as the fouldier before he fights, will let his helmet . or head-piece, as a mark at which he lets Elie a brace of bullets, and as he findes them fo will weare them or leave them ; but be Pure thou fhooteft Scripture-bullets. Thou boafteft ofa breaft- plate ofrighteoufnefTe, ask thy foul, Didft thou ever in thy life perform a duty to pleafeGod, andnot to accommodate thy fell? Thou haft prayed often againft thy fin, a great noife of thefe pieces have been heard coming from thee by others, as if there were fome hot fight between thee and thy corruption, but canft thou indeed Thew one fin thou haft flaw by all thypraying ? yoxeph was alive, though his coat was brought bloody to 7acob and fo may thy fin be for all thy mortified look in duty, and out' cry thou makeft aglinft them If thou wouldeft thus try every Piece, thy -credulous heart wouldnot fo eafily be cheated with Satans falfe ware. But