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Put on the whole Armour ofGod. 71 But is all armour that is of God thus mighty ? we reade of Obj. weak grace, little faith how can this then be a trial ofour armour, whether of God or not ? I anfwer, the weakneffeofgrace is in refpeft of ftronger grace, erinfw. but that weak grace is ftrong and mighty in comparifon ofcoun- terfeit grace: Now I do not bid thee try the truth of thy grace by fuch a power as is peculiar to ftronger grace, but by that pow- " er which will diftinguifh it from falfe; true grace, when weak- eft, is ftronger thenfalfe when ftrongeft. There is a principle of divine life in it, which the other bath not ; Now life, as it gives excellency(a flea or fly by reafon of its life is more excellent then the Sun in all its glory) fo it gives firength, The flowmotion of a living man (though fo feeble that he cannot go a furlong in a day) yet coming from life, imports more ftrength then is in.a- fhip, which (though it failes fwtftly) bath its motion fromwith- out: Thus poffibly an hypocrite may exceed the true Chriflian in thebulk and out-fide of a duty, yet becaufe his ftrength is not from life, but from fome windeand tide abroad that carries him, and the Chriftians is from an inward principle, therefore the Chriflians weakneffe is ftronger then the hypocrite in his greatea enlargements. I (hall name but two acts of grace when weak eft, whereby the Chriflian exceeds the hypocrite in all his belt array. You will fay, then grace is at a weak flay indeed, when the Chriftian is perfwaded to commit a fin,a great fin, filch a. one as poffibly a carnal perfon would not have it laid of him for a great matter, fo low may the tide of grace fall, yet true grace at fuch an ebbe will appear of greater ftrength and force then the other. Fitft, this principle of grace will never leave till the foule 1,> weeps bitterly with Peter, that it bath offended fo good a God., Speak, 0 ye hypocrites, can ye Phew one tear that ever you flied incarnet for a wrong done to God Poffibly ye may weep to fee the bed of forrowwhich your fins are making for you in hell; but ye never loved God fo well, as to mourne for the injury ye I have done the Name ofGod. It is a good gloffe Augus7ine bath upon Efau's teares, Heb. I 2 . FPI/it qx?mi pet-clic/it, non geo4),tfen- ,tiielit. We wept that he loft the bleffing not that he fold it. Thus, we fee an excellency of the Saints forrow above thehypocrites. The Chriftian byhis forrow thews bimfelfa Conquerour of that fm,,