Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Contents. S. Increafe of Atheifine and Contempt of all Religion, while preachers gofo muchagain/l their Dotlrine; As if-Re- ligion were of no more Moment, and of no beater Effete than thefe Additions, p. 8. . The caufes of thisfad¿iflem er, t. Sefflove andfondnefi for that which is our own. t. Pride, andReputation. 3. Plain andPure Religion uniutable to mens Curiosty and appetite. .Theymull have fomewhat thatis.pleafng p. 9. çContrariety andlealoufyy ofmen herein concerned;Specially between Power and Confcience : Both plead Gods name, and neither will yield. p. r o. 6. Specially not dealing meekly and in Love with one another. But by Palon, Violence, and Bitternef, rendring each other odious, Jceing, catching Arts, mfnter- preting each other; Difingenuous quotations,&c. p. rr. Thefe . are contrary to Chrifiianity. p, 12. The fad proof : I. Fromfuck asMartin Mar-prelate, &c. on one fide, and Epithets of Antichriflian, Babylonifh, Ido- latrous, given to Bi/hops and Liturgie. t. On the otherfide, Miniflers /hould calhiere thefe Hack Auxiliaries, or elfe pro- fefs that it is not Chrifts Caufe that they plead, but their P. 3- A Thatp reproof offome late Writers againf Di raters, fpecially the Dialogiul, as heinoufy abufing Scripture and Religion : far worfe than Ben. Johnfons prophane Play. The ill Effetls. z. It maketh differences unreconcileable 2. It difadventages their Caufe and Perins that ufe them with fober men. 3. It expofeth Religion itfelfto the der f- ofAtheills, and increafethfuch. More ofthis evil with a Con - cluding Counfel, toufe more Temperance, Prudence, andMo- deration in Contefls about the Circumflantials of Religion, pz®.2r. az The