Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Contents. they be not numerous. .. Nor fuperflitious. 3. Decent, not 4. Not continued for their antiquity, when tyey become unfeafonable or hurtful. g. Not urged with rigour and too much feverity againJl confcenti0us refufers. 4« ob jet-ion of the urgers anfwered. 6. Still remomber that Re. ligion is quite another thing. p, z 2. What is true Religion, and who are religious, and who not, p. 13. The Contents of the third Difcourfe. WHat the Chriflian Religion is, andwhat men true Chriflians are. p. z. But many Additions in all ages have been made to it, by divers forts, for divers defignes andends. Some by the authority of great Names, force by infenfble gradations, force by (uppofed Congruity, fame as for Order and Decency, forcefor difcrimination otf Parties, fonle for Political Ends, emergent occafons, Civilor Ecclefaflical Santlions, &c. And the greatefl Fervor and Animofty ofmen commonly laid out on thefe additions, by forcefor them, by others again!! them. The unhappy Confequents. p.. 4. T. Diverfionfrom the true nature and ufe ofReligion, by Zealforentire Conformity to thefe additions or again!! them. 2.. Andfo the Fervour of mens Spirits let out the wrong way. P. 5. 3. Hence come Schifms andFatlions, andPerfonal Animo- Jities, difcriminations, Cenforioufnefs, eJirangednef by illad- vancing thefe opinions and little things. 4. The Bond of Charity broken, Severity, Perfecution, Irn- placablenefs, endeavouring to fupplant and dif race ters, worfe fcorns, reproach and vilifying than betweenChri- flians and Turks. p, 6. 5. Increafe