Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( I ) rART. I. O F RELIGION. The Ends and 'fifes of it, and the Errors ofMen touching it. RU E Religion is the greateft Improvement, Advantage, and Priviledge of Humane Na- ture ; and that which gives it the nobleft and highefl Pre-eminence above other vifible Creatures. We may obferve in many Bruit Beafts and Birds admi- rable inftin&s, Dexterities, and Sagacities ; and in fome of them force dark resemblances of Reafon, or Ratiocina- tion: But Religion is, fo appropriate to theHumane Nature, that there are fcarce any fort of Men , but have force Reli- gion: Nor do the molt fubtle or fagacious Bruits afford any figns thereof, as communicated to their Natures. It is one of the chiefeft Mercies and Bleflings that Al, mighty God hath afforded to the Children of Men , and that which fignally manifefts his Providential Care to- B wards