Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 2 ) wards and over them, that in all. Ages and among all Na- tions hebath given to them force Means and Helps tö dif- cover unto them, though in different Degrees , tome principal Sentiments of true Religion: i. By the fecret Chara&ers, and Imprefions, and Stru&unes thereof in their. Minds and Confciences. a By his Glorious and admirable Works, commonly called the Works of Nature. 3. By lignai Providences , and Providential Regiment of the World. 4. By raifingup Men in all Ages .of greatWifdom,.,. Obfervation, and Learning, which did inftru& the more ignorant in this great Concernment, the Rudimentsof Na- tural Religion. s. By Traditionary Tranfmiffion of many important Truths and Dire&ions ofLife, from Anceítors ro their Pofterity, and others: Though in procefs of time evil Cuftoms and evil Men did in a great meafure impair. and corrupt the Sentiments and Pra&icesof Men, notwith_. ftanding theft helps. Therefore the fame Mercy and Goodnefs of God, for the prefervation and propagation of the trueReligion, was pleafed to fubffitute' a more fixed and permanent means ; namely, the Holy Scriptures , or Divine Revelations, committed to Writing in the Booksof the Old and New Teftament. Though the Religion de- livered in bothTeflaments, be in fubftance the fame yet: the true Religionwas more fully,and plainly, and diftin&ly delivered by Chriftand his Apoftles in theNewTeftament, together alfo with force additional Inftru&ions, for the better prefervation and propagation thereof to Mankind, and diversadditional Evidences to proveand manifeft the truthof this Religion, to procure its belief and accepta- tion : As the Birth , Miracles , Death , Refurrellion , and .Áfcenfion of Chrift Jefus,the great Reformer of the 5elvifb, and greatInflitutorof theChriftian Religion, fo called from Chriflthat taught and alferted it. The Chriftian Religi- mis the molt perfect Ruleofour Duty toGod, our'felves, and