Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(3) and others and was deigned principally for thefeGreat Ends. r. To reflore to the Glorious God, the Honour, Duty, and Obedienceofhis Creature, Man ; teaching him to Know, to Glorifieand Serve his Creator, to be Thankful to him, tofubmit to his Will, toobey his Law and Command , to be thankful for his Mercies, to acknowledge him inall his ways, to call uponhim, to Worlhip him , to depend up- on him, to walk fincerely inhis fight, to admireand adore his Greatnefs andGoodnefs in all his works , efpecially in the great workof the Redemption of Mankind by his Son Chrift Jefus. z. To finable Man to attain everlajling Happinefs, the perpetual Vifion of the GloriousGod, and to fit and prepare him to be a partaker of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light and Glory. 3. To compote and fettle Mankind in fucha decent and becomingreáitude, order, and deportment in this World, as may be fuitable to the Exiftence of a Reafonable Nature, and the Good of Mankind : Which confiftsprincipally in a double relation: r. To a Mans felf, Sobriety. 1.To others, which confifts in thofe two great Habits or Difpofition beneficent to Mankind , viz. Righteoufnefs, or Juflice and Charity, or Love and Benefcence. Thefe three Great Ends are fuccinitly delivered, Tit. 2. xi, It. For the Grace of God, that bringeth Salvation bath appearedunto allmen, teaching us, that denying ungodlineJ. andworldly lu/ls, we fhould live Soberly, Righteoufly, and Godly in this prefent World. Here we have thefe three Ends of Chriftian Religion. z. Godlinefs, or our Duty to God. z. Salvation, or our own everlaftingHappinefs. 3. Sobrie- ty, Righteoufnefs, which alto includeth Charity, a part of Evangelical Righteoufnefs. And becaufe Chriftian Religionwas intended and insti- B tutcd.