Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(i9) .brdken, runfcrambling after thepieces of the Shell, and is themean while the Kernel is negle&ed and loft. Now touching theReafons or Caufes of thefe Mifappre- henfions touching Religion, they are various : fame de- ferve compafìiion, and others are more or lefs excufable, ac- cording to their feveral kinds : z. Some perfons truly Confcientious and zealous of any thing that they judge to be difpleafing to God, as not agreeable to his. Will, and obfer- ving themany Corruptions, that the Romifb Church have brought into the Worlhip of God, are very fufpicious of any thing that may look, as they think, that way ; and therefore, though they are otherwife men of found and Orthodox Principles, and ofa truly righteous, fober, and piousLife, yet perchance are transported fomewhat too far in fcrupling or oppofing fome Ceremonies or Forms; And pollîbly their Education and Converfation with men of fuch Perfwafions have confirmed them in it, fo that they do not oppofe out of afrowardnefs or peeviíhnefs of Mind, or out of Pride, or a Spirit of Oppofition, but in the fince- rity and fimplicityof their hearts, and out of a tendernefs for the Honour ofGod. Thefe, though they are or may bemiflaken in their Perfwafions, yet certainlydeferve Com- pamon, Tendernefs, yea and Love alfa, much rather thando Severity or Contempt. z. Others again, obferving that certain Modes and Forms, and the rigorous Obfèrvations of them, are the common road for attaining Preferments or Favours of great Perfons, upon that account exercife a marvellous fervour of mind for them, and a vigorous oppofition of all that come not up to them in every punilio, that they may thereby be takennotice of, and employed as ufefnl and fit and vigorous AfTertors and Inftruments for this purpofe. 3. Many times GainandProfit is the End and Defign of many Praíticesand Pofitions appendicated to Chriftian Re- m 2 ligion,