Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(i8) little value to him fo , that.he is neither covetous norambid tious, nor over fòllicitous concerning theadvantages of it : It brings a man to that frame that Righteottfnefs, Juflice, Honefty, andFidelity is as it were part ofhis Nature ; he can fooner dye than commit or purpofe that which is unjuft, difhoneft, or unworthy a good man: It makes him value the love of God and peace of Confcìence above all the Wealth and Honours in theWorld, andbe very vigilant to keep it inviolably : Though hebe under a due apprehenfi- on ofthe love of God to him, yet it keeps himhumble and watchful, and free fromall prefumption, fo that hedares not under avainconfidence ofthe Indulgence, and Mercy, and favour ofGod, turn abide to commit or purpofe even the leaft injury to man, he performs all hisDuties to God in ; fincerity, and integrity, and Conftancy and while he lives onEarth, yet his Converfation, his Hopes, his Treafure, and the flower of his Expectation is inHeaven, and he en- tirely endeavours toWalk futablyto fuch a Hope Infum, it reftores the Image of God unto the Soul in . Righteouf. nefsand true Holinefs. Competition jur, fafque auimifantiofque receffus mentis, Ú inceetumgenerofopetlus honeßo. Thefe, and the like to thefe, are the Ends, Defgnand Ef- feft of True ChriftianReligion, truly received and digefted in theSoul. And certainly any man that duly confidereth, will find that they areof another kind ofNature and Value, than thofe fublime Speculations, Politick Conftitutions, Forms or not Forms, . affectedSingularities, upon which many lay the weight of Religion, and for and touching which thereis fo much Contention and. Animofity in the Wo rld. So that methinks men in this regard are like to a , Company of foolifh Boys , who when the Nut is broken