Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 23) PART II. CONC ERNING RELIGION. The lifeofit, andSuperadditionsto it. He Truthand Spirit of Religion comes in a a narrow cornpafs, though the Eft-ea and O- peration thereofare large and diffufive. Solo- mon comprehended it in a few words, Fear God, andkeep hisCommandments,for this is the whole Ditty ofman: Thefoul and life of Religion is the Fear ofGod,which is the PrincipleofObedience ; but Obedience to his Commands, which isanat or exercife of that life, is various, according to the variety of the Commands of God : If I takea Kernel of an Acorn, the Principle of life lies in it : the thing it felf is but fmall, but the Vegetable Principle that liesin it takes upa lets room than the Kernel it felf, little more than the quantity ofa fmall Pins head, as is eafy tobe obferved by Experiment, but the exercife . of thatSpark of life is large and comprehenfive in its Opera- tion i