Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(`24) tion ; it produceth agreat Tree, and in that Tree the Sap, the Body, the Bark, the Limbs, the Leaves, the Fruit; and fo it is with the Principleof 'True Religion, the Principle it felt lies in a narrow compafs, but the activity and energy of it is difíùfive and various. This Principle hath not only Produetions that naturally flow from it, hut _where it isÿit ferments and aflîmulates, and gives a kind' óf tincture even tò other A&ións that do not in their own Nature follow from it, as theNature and Civil Afionsof our lives.Under the.former was our LordsParable ofaGrain of Muftard,under the latter of his Comparifon of Leven,juft as we fee in other things of Nature:Take Attie Red Wine, and drop it into a Vef el of Water, it gives a new Tin&ure to theWater ; ortake a grain ofSalt andput it into Frefh Liquor, it doth communicate-it felf to thenext adja- cent part of the Liquor, and that again to thenext, until the whole'be fermented : So thatfmall and little vital Principle ofthe Fear ofGod doth gradually and yet fuddenly aflimi- late the a&ions ofour life flowing from another Principle. It rectifies and moderates our Affections, and Pallions, and Appetites, it gives Truth to our Speech, Sobriety to our Sences, Humility to our Parts, and the like. Religion is heft in its Simplicity and Purity, but difficult to be retained fo, without Superftru&ions and Accellions; And thofe do commonly in timeStifleandChoke the Sim- plicity of Religion, unlefs much Care and Circumfpe&ion be ufed : the Contemperations are fo many and fo Cumber- fom, that Religion lofeth its Nature, or is flrangled by them: Juft as a man that hath force Excellent Simple Cor- dial or Spirit,and puts in Musk in it to make it finell fweet, and Honey to make it tafle pleafant, and it may be Can- tharides to make it look glorious. Indeed by the Infufìons he hath given it a very fine Smell, and rail, and Colour, :but yet he hath fo clogg'd it, and fophiflicated it with Super- additions,