Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 30 ) And althoughour Lord Jefus came to altogare even that .Indulgence, and foretold that thote that worfbipped the Fa- ther, fhouldworfbip him in Spirit end in truth, under The Gofpel, yet it is certain that the immediate Apoftles of Chrift did fet certain orderly Obfervances in the Church for decencies fake : and it was juftly allowable : As concer- ning the order of the exercife of their Supernatural Gifts, Concerning Womens ffeaking in the Church, concerning mens being covered in the Church, and Women vailed, concerning the manner and order of receiving the Sacra- ment, and the like. But as there be Reafons for it, fo therebe Cautions'to be ufed in it. I. That they be not too numerous ; for their Multitude will rather opprefs than fecure Religion. '2. That in their Natures they be not Superftitious, but keep as much diftance from it as well may be; otherwife they will be in Religion, asthe dead Fly in" the Apotheca- ries Oyntment. 3. That they be clean and decent, not too full of Pompor ©lentation : Ceremonies fhouldbe ufed as we ufe a Glafs, rather topreferve the Oyl, than to adorn it. Toomuch Pomp caufeth Jealoufieseven in goodmen, of a degeneration either to JewithCeremonies or Popifh Vanities. q.. That though fuch are not to be rejectedbecaufe they are Ancient, fo if they become Vnfeafonable, they are not to be heldmeerlybecaufe they are Ancient. It is with Ce- remonies aswith fore other things that are fit to be'ehan- ged when theybecome unufeful or offehfive, as the Love- Feafts, Extreme Vntlion, and fore other things, poffìbly pra&ifed, and fit enough, in the Primitive times : Many Ceremonies were at firft inventedand pra&ifed, to win over unconverted Heathens ; to incourage weak Chriftians, ef- pecially the Jews, who were not eafily to be drawn from their