Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(31) their Legal Ceremonies: But when People become aKnow- ing People, that fee beyond thofe Ceremonies, and under- ftand when and why, and how theycame in, then it wert Prudence to djenfe with, or change them. 5. That they be not urged with too much rigour or feverity upon fuchas confcientiouy refufe them. Charity to a weak Brother in things indifferent in their own Nature, is then to be exercifed, when my Brother is offended therewith, or never : And if it be Paid it is his duty to fubmit to the Church, and not theChurch to him ; I do think that anfwer will. not ferve in this-cafe ; for furely though a Child owes a Duty to a Father, yet his negleft thereof, efpecially if it beupon a confcientious account, will not excufe the neg- l'e&of a Fathers Duty to his Child : The Apofle profefl`ed hemould abflain from things lawful rather than offend his weak Brother. 6. And efpecially that we>be careful to remember that Religion is another thing from theft Ceremonies. Thefe are of ufè, i. e. for Ornament ; They are the Drefings and the Trimmings ofReligion at the belt, but the Fear.ofGod is of a-higher extra&ion. It is a pitiful thing to fee men run upon this miftake, ef- pecially in thefe latter times ; one placing all his Religion inholding the Pope to be Chrifls Vicar, another placing Re- ligion in this, to hold no Papift can befaxed : One holding all Religion toconfift, in holding Epifcopacy to be jure divino ; another by holding Presbytery to bejure divino ; another in crying upCongregational Government ; another in Anabap- tife ; one inplacing all Religion in the ftri& obfervation of all Ceremonies.; another in a -fl riét refufal of all : One hold- ing a great Fart of Religion in putting off the flat, and bowingat the Nameof3efus ; another judging a manan Ido- later for it : and a third placing his Religion in putting off. his Hat to none; and,fo like a companyof Boys thatblow Bubbles