Hale - BR120 H364 1684

PART III. O F THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. The Superfirutions upon it, and Animofties about them. THe Chriflian Religionand Doctrine wasbythe Goodnefs and Wisdomof God defigned to be the common Means andMethod tobringMan- kind to their Chief End, namely, to know, and to ferve, and obey, and glorifie, and ever- laftingly to enjoy Almighty God the Chieteft Good. And to that end it was given out with all the Plainnefs and Perfpicuity, with all Evidenceand certainty ; a Do&rine and Religioncontaining Precepts of all Holinefs and Purity, - of all Righteoufnefs and Honefty, of all Longanimity, Be- nignity, and Gentlenefs, Sweetnefs, Meeknefs, and Chari- ty ; of all Moderation and Patience, of all Sobriety and Temperance; in brief, it is a Religion that is admirably and fufficiently conftituted to make a man, what indeed he fhould be, Pious towards God, Juft and Beneficent towards Men, and temperate in himfelf, fitted for a life of Piety, F 2. Honefty,