Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 36) Honefty, Juftice, andGoodness, and Happinefs heareafter. Such is theChriftian Religion, and fuch the men muft be that are truly conformable to-it; and ifany man profeffìng, Chriftianity, be not fuch aman, it is becaufe he comes fo much fhort of his due Conformity to Chriftian Religion, and the molt excellent Do&rine and Precepts thereof. The Profeflìon of this Religion is that which is, and for many Ages hath been,, commonlymade by a very confidera- blepart ofthe knownWorld, as the only true Religion gi- ven to the worldby Almighty God, through his Son Jesus Chrift, whereinand whereby they may expelt everlafting Salvation. But yet together with this ChriftianReligion, the Pro- fèffors thereof have in feveral Ages and Places chofen to thernfelves variousadventitious AccidentalSuperllruF#ions,Ád- tions, Opinions, Modes, and Prat/ices, which they have as it were incorporated into the Chriftian Religión by them . profefíed, orappend icated unto it And thefe Superflru lions or Appendixesof Chriflian Re- ligion have been introduced and entertained by various Means,and,by variousPe*figns, and to various Ends : Some by, the, Authority, offgreat Names ;, Some, by infenjl gra 'diiions or longculloms, fome by a fuppofed congruity or in.- congruity ; fame forOrder or Decency: Some for Diferimi- nation of Parties; Some for Political Ends, appearing in themfelves, or fecretly carryed on ; fome upon emergent occaftons ; either continuing or now ceafing ; Some by Ci- vil, fame by Ecclefitical SanElions;. Some by traditional Obfervations, _ either. continued, or interrupted and revi- ved ; Some Ornament,; Some for Vfe ; Some as fuppofed receffar.y cunfequenti upon; ,the Chriftian Doarine, Some to b,e, quafzfepta nrttninaenia dollrinte. & religionis E ánge- licae, as the JewifhTraditions were fuppofed to be the Se- p menta _Legis Some for one end; and fome for another And_