Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(39 Chriftianity,but there is molt ordinarilymuch moreSeverity, andPerfecution,and Implacablenefs,andlrreconcileablenefs,more endeavours toundermine,and fupplant,and difgraceDiftenters, more fcorns, and vilifying,and reproach, andi,nfolence one 1:1 towards another in their viciiIìtudes ofadvantage, than there is between Profefíors ofChriftianity, and men of the moft bofe and profane lives, between Orthodox and Heretiques, nay betweenChriftians and Turks, or Infidels many times. S. And from this there arifeth amoft fruitful and a moft inevitable increafe ofAtheifm and contempt of Religion; in many of the Speûators of this Game among Profeffors of the Chriftian Religion, and that upon thefe two Accounts: Principally, becaufe when theyheareach Party declare (as they muff it they declare truth) in their Sermons and Wri- tings, that the Do&trine of Chriftianity injoynes MHtual Love, Condefcention, Charity, Gentlenefs, Meeknefs, and yet fo little pra&ifed by Diffenting Parties, men are apt to conclude, that either thefe perfons do not believe what they pretend to preach and publifh, or that the Marineof Chriftianity was a Notion and Speculation, and never in- tended as a neceßäry Rule of Pra ice, lince the greareft Pretenders to the Religion ofChrift pra&ife fo little of it. a. Becaufe when men fee that thofe little Superftru&i ons and Additions are by the one fide profecuted, and on the other fide clecryecl, with as much animouty, fervour and feverities, as the molt weighty and important Truths and Precepts ofEvangelical Faith and Obedience, Spe'Etators and By-ftanders think that they are all of the fame value; and when they fee thatthefe things which every fober confide- rate man muff needs conclude little,and of no momont, are rated at fo great a value by the contefting Parties of each fide, Truths then are doubted of in relation to thefe : It makesmen call inqueftion great matters, when they lee finch fmall things purfuedor declined with no lefs Fervour and R- aiiriofity than ifthey were of the greateft. And