Hale - BR120 H364 1684

,. (38) fion from them. And according to the various Interdis or InclinationsofParties thofe are made the Magnolia of Chri- ftian Religion, and fuch as give the only Chara&er or Dif- criminative Indicationof the Chriftian Religion. . And confequently all the greateft part of that ftrefs and fervour of mind, which fhould be employed in thofe great weighty Subftantials of Chriftianity, runs out and .pends it Pelf in thofe little Collaterals, and Superftrucions, and Additaments, fomeplacing the greateft earneftnefs and intention, contention of mind to have them, and force placing the intention and fervour oftheir mind to be with- out them, not unlike thofe old Contentions between the Eauern and WeflernChurches touching the timeof the Paf chal Obfervation, one Party excommunicating the other for their diffent, as if the whole weight and ftrefs of the Chrifti- an Religion lay in thole little Additaments. 3. And hereupon there arife Schifmes, Faáions, and perfonal Animofities, Difcrimination of Parties, Cènf>ri- oufnefs, and ftudied eftrangings of Profèffors of Chriftiani- ty, oftentimes one Party declining thofe Pra&ices which are good and commendable in the other, to keep their diflances the more irreconcilable, and eachParty efpoufing force odd Difcriminating Habits, Modes; and fometimes alfoby Opinions in mattersof Religion, that may effrange and difcriminate them each from theother; and theft Opi- nions though of little moment or confequence (it may be whether true or falle) are advanced up into little lefs than Articles ofFaith, for the fake ofthis Difcrimination, when pofíîbly they are of little moment whether they be affenred unto or not, of lefs certainty, and have little or no influence or concern in the Subiance of Chriftian Doarine. 4. And hereupon it oftentimes comes to pafs that not only the common Bond of Charity and Chriflian Love is broken between the Profefrors of the fame fubftanrials in Chriflianity,