Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 41 ) other Extreme, either theywill have nothing of Form or Order, or all fuch Forms or Orders as are extremely oppo- fite to what others ufe, and place their delight and com- placency therein : And by this means oftentimes it comes to pats, that men are carried withgreater earnefnefs and ve- hemence after thofe Placentia, the entertainments of their fancies, than to the true Subfance of Religion it felf. 4. Oftentimes it comes to pats that there are two very jealous Concerns, and impatient of any Corrival, that are ingaged each againft other in thefe different and difienting. Pra&ices, relating to Collaterals in Religion : On the one fide, Power andAuthority is very tender of its own Intereft, and jealous of a Competitor or Rival: On the other fide, Confcience and Perfwafon either oftheNecefity or Vnlawfulnefi of any thing, is very jealous, or fearful, and fufpicious of any thing that might injure it : And whether the Confci- ence be miftaken or not, yet fo long as its Perfwaíon, that is entertainedfub ratione confcientire, prevails, this jealoufie will fill prevail in the mind ; and it many times falls out that Authority on the one hand is impatient, or at leaf jea- lous of Oppofition, and Confcienceen the other hand reflefs and unquiet. S. And the difficulty is fo much the greater, becaufe each feems to derive their obliging Authority from God ; the Magifrate recognizing God Almighty as the Fountain, Root, and Foundation of his Power; and theConfcience fuppofed tobe theVicegerent ofGod in the Soul. 6. But that which admirably keeps up thefe differences, is that men on each fide, deal not one with another calmly, mildly, or upon the Reafons of the things, or upon a true way of Reafoning, Debating, and Arguing of things, or prudent Confiderations that might invite yielding on the one fide,oraccommcdations of theother,but eachParty takes in all thofe Contributions,Ailifances, and Advantages, that G -common-