Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(42) commonly accompany theworft of Contentions. For inftance, i. Extremity of Patlion and Indignation,: 2.. V%lence and Bitternefs of Writings and Speeches, 3 Each Party rendring the other as odious and ridiculous as is poßïble : 4. Scoffing,fearing, and perfonal refleü-ions : Artifices and Defigns each to catch and undermine the other: 6. An induftrious andwilling mif-interpretation of each. others Words, Writings, and A&ions, and rai- ling them to odious Inferences and Confequences, beyond what they were meant, or really and truly bear. 7. Difin- genuous`Quotations out of each other, without thofe ordi- nary Remedies that might be allowed by comparingof other parts of their Writings. Thefe and the like Auxiliaries are on each part taken into thefe Velitations between Chriftians, and in relation to things contended for or againft in thefe Differences, whereas the whole tenour of the Doctrine of Chriftianity-, as it was delivered by Chrift and his Apoftles,decries nothing more than Anger, Wrath, Malice, Railing, Evil- (peaking, Backe bitingSlanders, Reproches, Names and Epithets or Scorns, Craft, and Subtilty ; yet all thefe black Legions are called, ufed,: and imployed in the management of that Caufe, which each Party pretends tobe the Caufe of Chrift ; as if Fiends, and Furies, and Legionsof Devils were th.ught fit Auxiliaries oneach Party,whereinboth pretend theinteref of Chrift Jefus. oz And that this is fo, let any man but read thole hooks,. which have flown abroad from either Party, he w-ill find it evident in all the Contentions of this nature : Witness on the one part Martin Marprelate, the Odious Centuries put out by Mr. White in the beginning of the Long Parliament, the frequent rove&ives and odious Epithets given to Lì turgy, to the Bifhops, Conforming Minifters, and to the Church of England it felf, as Antichriftian, Idolatrous, Ba4loniJh,,