Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 44) re bath prevailed more than formerly, certain Inve- ves that have gonemuch farther, even to the rendring of neligion itfelf, and Scripture Expregons ridiculous, and pie- ces ofraillery ; and I could have wi(hed that fome late Books, put out under the fafhionof Dialogues, and force other Books ofthat kind, had not been too Guiltyof this aulr. I. do remember when Ben. yohnfon made his Play of the klchyinifl, wherein he brings in Anartas in derifion of the perfons then called Puritans, with manyof their Phra- fes in ufe among them, taken out of the Scriptures.; with a defign to render that fort of perfons ridiculous, and to gain applaufeto his wit and fancy. But although thofe perfons were not in very good efteem_ amo» Great Ones and Gallants, yetthe Play was indeed abhorred, becaufe it feemed to reproach Religion it fell; though intendedonly to render the Puritans ridi- culous. That which was uncomely and unfeemly in a Poet, who made it his bufinefs to make Plays, certainly is much more.fulfom and unfavoury in another; efpeci- ally if the Author be a Clergy-man, as I fuppofe he is: for of all men in theworld it becomes fuchprofpicere hono- ri Religionis Chriflianee, and not to render it ridiculous and contemptible, by raillery and fcurrilousjeafling.. And yet Ido not find inall Ben. 7ohnfon's Alchymiff one half ofthofe ridiculous and unfeemly repetitions of Scrip- ture Phrafes and Expretlions, as well as mímical'imitations and difdainful mockings ofthofe Perlons, and that Party whom hedefigns to difparage : Scarce a Page butforce un- handfommention of the Spirit, andChrift andGrace, and Saints, and force Scripture Expreflions : And ifit(hall be Paid that hedothit butonly inexprobrationof fuch perfons as abufed or mifapplyed fuch expreffions, and it is not with intent to reproach theScripture or thofe. Phrafes that are