Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 43) Babylonilb, and a thoufand fuchNames and Stiles. And on the otherfide there have beeri many that. have not been behind` hand with bitter Inveetives, Scornful' and mocking Expreflions and Appellations, odious Refle&ions, unneceffary to be repeated. By all which thefe two things are evident, i . That thefe Tranfports of either fide come not from that Spirit which Chrift brought :with him into the world, and which he commended and left to his Difciples and Fol- lowers ; namely, a Spirit of Love, of Charity, of Gentle nefs, Patience, Kindnefs, and Sweetnefs.of difpofition. z. That if men go about to juflifce this, becaue firft pro- v L e'lby the adve-ie Party, and fo juflifie it by the Law of tvletCio& ;men do not remember that as on the one Certain/y6.y.01Chritt,ärisis Self-denial, Moderation, and Peaceablenefs ; on theother fide, that a Spirit of Revenge, an Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, is as much againft the Doétrine ofChrift, as any thing in theworld. Therefore certainly it L. °.cù.ß thofe of either Party ei- ther to cafheer thee' u xiliaries of their Wars, and Contentions of this k. or otherwife for the fake and honour of Chrift and the Chriftian Religion, plainly de- clare that he is not concerned in the Conteft, but that the Conteft is a Conteft d+ Interefl and Pain-Glory, of Pride and Ambition, and Reputation, and delire of Viilory ; Or if they will not declare fo much to theWorld, yet they mutt give leave to the Spectators to judge ofit fo. Now thefe bitterneffes and virulentnefles of either fide, have beencommonly of two kinds :firft,fuch as refle&,`ifnot all together, yet moil 'of all,upon the Perfons of their Ad- verfaries. z. Or fuch as reflelt only upon the Matters in difference between them ; bothwere bad enough, and fuch as ferve to make the Differences and Breaches wider. But of late times, I know not by what unhappy Star, G . there